My interest in photography is still quite young. I bought my first mirrorless camera (a Samsung NX300) in 2014 but for three years, I had no clear idea of what to photograph. In early 2017, a friend of mine posted a portrait of a girl carrying a mannequin on her Instagram. She had met the girl in the city and took only one shot of her. This portrait appealed to me much more than all her other - more staged - portraits.

I asked myself how this kind of photography might be called and suddenly the term 'street photography' popped up in my head. When I googled it I saw all the stunning pictures of the genre and instantly knew what I wanted to do...


I started to do some black and white pictures. But in May 2017, I went on a trip to New York City. Since I wanted to catch the unique colours of the city I turned to colour photography and I sticked to this focus since. 


All street photographs are candid and unstaged. All people portraits are spontaneous encounters.


I am based in Düsseldorf and many of my pictures are made here. Apart from my hometown so far I also enjoyed photographing in Hamburg, Berlin, London, NYC, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

My main camera is the Ricoh GR. I love its small size and the light weight, the fast autofocus and the silent shutter. The 28mm focal length is sometimes hard, but I also like that it challenges you to get real close. It is important to me to have a camera that I can (and actually will) always take with me, and the Ricoh GR is perfect for that. Additionally, I use a Fujifilm X-T2 with a F2 50mm lens for some situations which require a larger focal length. I'm not a tech freak. I prefer to concentrate on framing only and leave all other technical settings aside. I also think that is better to spend time on finding interesting motives than worrying about your equipment. Sometimes I take both cameras, but I've made the experience that I'm more creative and challenged if I stick to the 'one camera, one lens'-principle.


2020: "Die Poesie der Puppen" - Article including a series of 8 Photos (in German). Soul of Street #30, pp. 20-27. Get the magazine here

2020: "A World Full of Surprises" - Series of 12 Photos. EYESHOT - Street Photography Magazine. See the series here

2020: "The Mystery of Mannequins" - Article including a series of 8 Photos. Street Photography Magazine, July 2020. See the article here

2019: World Street Photography 6. The Finest Photos in International Street Photography. Gudberg Nerger. 1 Single Photo, p. 50. Get the book here

2019: Short Street Stories - a collective tribute to Martin Parr's street photography. Exhibit Around. Series of 8 Photos, pp. 180-187. Get the book here

2019: Soul of Street. Photography & Philosophy #26, 1 Single Photo, p. 107. Get the magazine here


2020: Exibart Street Photography Competition - Honorable Mention, see the pics here

2019: Paris Street Photo Awards

       - 3rd Place Winner in the Category "Single Street Performance & Sport", see the pic here

       - 3rd Place Winner in the Category "Single Street Portrait", see the pic here

2019: Fun Street Photographer of the Year - Finalist


18.5. - 29.5.2019: Christian Stops - Jonas Grauel - Street Photography aus Düsseldorf. Brause, Bilker Allee 233, Düsseldorf. 


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