This is what street photography means to me:

To get to know people and learn how to see

To discover new places of interest to me

To be curious of new aspects of reality

And to show how things go in this society


To stroll through the city and hunt for new pics

To push down the trigger and hear how it clicks

To think: How will I manage to be all unnoticed?

How to be a bystander and still come the closest?


To combine two elements and to merge them in one

To catch in the windows reflections of sun

To watch out for patterns and colors and frames

To take pictures of strangers and give them new names


To come home excited of what I have seen

To be eager to develop the pics on my screen

To select and compile them …and finally

Yeah this is what street photography means to me


           - Jonas Grauel, 2019



Fun Street Photographer of the Year 2019 - Finalist - funstreetphoto.com


18.5. - 29.5.2019: Christian Stops - Jonas Grauel - Street Photography aus Düsseldorf. Brause, Bilker Allee 233, Düsseldorf. 

Book Participations

2019: World Street Photography 6. The Finest Photos in International Street Photography. Gudberg Nerger. 1 Single Photo, Page 50.

2019: Short Street Stories - a collective tribute to Martin Parr's street photography. Exhibit Around. Series of 8 Photos, Pages 180-187.


I draw much inspiration from the following photographers and collectives.
Visit their sites to see great photography:


Siegfried Hansen: siegfried-hansen.de

David Gibson: www.gibsonstreet.com

Jonathan Higbee: www.jonathanhigbee.com

Pau Buscato: www.buscato.net/colour/

Melanie Einzig: melanieeinzig.com

In Public: in-public.com